Papi Papilloma Short Film

Papi Papilloma is a short film on the papilloma virus funded by SAMHSA.

Black, Brown, and Beige Exhibition curated by Jimmy O'Balles and Nery Gabriel Lemus

Black, Brown and Beige is an extended jazz work written by Duke Ellington and the inspiration for the phenomenal exhibition titled Black, Brown, and Beige Exhibition at Self Help Graphics curated by Jimmy O’Balles  & Nery Gabriel Lemus. The exhibition includes works by the following artists:


Exhibiting artists are:
Mario Ybarra Jr.
Ken Gonzales-Day
Oscar Magallanes
Roberto "Tito" Delgado
John Valadez
Eric Almanza
Areli Arellano
Margaret Garcia
Poli Marichal
Lili Bernard
Dalila Paola Mendez
Adrienne Wade
Todd Gray
Umar Rashid
Sam Pace
Mark Steven Greenfield
Edgar Arceneaux
Wendell Wiggins
April Bey
Adrienne DeVine
Toni Scott
Holly Tempo
Richard Duardo
Loren Holland

LA Shorts Film Fest

LA Shorts Film Fest

Our short film Marisol has been screening at film festivals around the world for the past two years. Tonight Marisol receives the Arts and Culture Mujerez de Paz Award by The East LA Women’s Center. Based on a true story about domestic violence and child abuse, Marisol has been a poignant, empowering and educational film presented in many communities to bring awareness on breaking the cycle of abuse.

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David Hockney at the L.A. Louver


On July 15, 2015, I joined  Yolanda Gonzalez, Joan Adgajanian Quinn and Amanda Quinn Olivar for Mr. Hockney's opening reception at the L.A. Louver in Venice, CA. 

It was a colorful event with colorful people and cute puppies sniffing each other as they walked through the gallery.  

Don't miss the exhibition. For more information visit: