Alessandro Gentile is a Director of Photography who has assisted Juan Escobedo in numerous projects. Their collaboration has garnered them numerous awards in film.

Art Exhibition & Print Sale held at Self Help Graphics on Saturday, July 25, 2015 

Self Help Graphics (SHG) and The East LA Society of Film and Arts (TELASOFA) have been partners since 2009. As the founder of TELASOFA and filmmaker it has been a great opportunity and joy to connect the kids I work with  to Self Help Graphics to experience other art mediums.

The artist from the Artist Rountable at SHG, which I am a part of, are invited to participate in the annual print sale by producing a monoprint at SHG. One print by the artist is donated and sold at the annual print sale.

As a filmmaker, I’ve always wanted to re-create Cuban Posters by OSPAAAL for some of my short films.  This year the Artist Roundtable was asked to participate and it was the perfect opportunity for me to put into practice some of the art skills I developed in art school back in San Diego and art classes from Cal State LA before becoming an actor and filmmaker.

Monoprinting is unforgiving and addicting!!! I can honestly say that I am hooked since the first day we started on June 18, 2015. I have spent hours trying to get it right with some great success and misses.  My first print sold at the annual print sale. It was purchased by Margaret Garcia and Rhett Beavers which is a great honor. They are not only friends but are extremely supportive of Self Help Graphics and TELASOFA.

Azul DelGrasso

photographer and activist

Azul DelGrasso and Juan have been collaborating since 2011 with project Sexy Rubber directed by Juan and produced by Azul. It was the beginning of friendship and art with producing various projects and collaborating in numerous photo shoots. Azul as the photographer and Juan as the artistic director.

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